Retrieval of scene image and video frames using date field spotting


In this paper, we present a date spotting based information retrieval system for natural scene image and video frames where text appears with complex backgrounds. Text retrieval in such scene/video frames is difficult because of blur, low resolution, background noise, etc. In our proposed framework, a line based date spotting approach using Hidden Markov Model is used to detect the date information in text. Given a text line image, we apply an efficient Bayesian classifier based binarization approach to extract the text components. Next, Pyramid Histogram of Oriented Gradient (PHOG) feature is computed from the binarized image for date-spotting framework. For our experiment, three different date models have been constructed to search similar date information in scene/video text. When tested in a custom dataset of 1104 text lines, our date spotting approach provided encouraging results.

Please site the paper as follows:

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