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Ayan Das, PhD

Research Scientist, MediaTek Research UK
PhD, University of Surrey, UK

Theory & Applied research on Deep Generative Models, currently focusing on Diffusion. Also, work on ML with vector sketches & graphics.

Langevin dynamics simulation, part of this blogpost.

What’s new ?

Latest news
New lightning-studio ⚡️ on Diffusion Models.
Successfully defended my PhD thesis.
Blog on diffusion theory accepted at ICLR ’24 BlogPost Track
Paper on sketch modelling with diffusion accepted at ICLR ’24
Selected as a top reviewer at NeurIPS 2023
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Latest publications Venue
CreativeSeg: Semantic Segmentation of Creative Sketches IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
Modelling complex vector drawings with stroke-clouds International Conference on Learning Representation (ICLR) 2024
Doodle Your 3D: From Abstract Freehand Sketches to Precise 3D Shapes Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2024
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