Reinforcement Learning agents learn to play slime volleyball using self-play training (trained using rlx)

Introducing myself !

BézierSketch generates scalable sketches

A research enthusiast, pursuing Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) with fully-funded scholarship at CVSSP, University of Surrey, UK. I am currently a member of SketchX Lab, an elite group of researchers pioneering in sketch analysis, led by my Ph.D. supervisors Dr Yi-Zhe Song. My broad area of research/interest is the domain of Artifical Intelligence (A.I.) - specifically, the emerging field of Deep Learning applied mainly in (but not restricted to) Computer Vision tasks. Due to my tremendous love for mathamtics, I like to explore the theoretical aspect of DL as well. I love to share knowledge and so decided to maintain a technical blog in this website. I try my best to push quality contents for learners as frequently as I can, which ranges from programming tutorials to explanation of cutting-edge research papers. As professional service, I serve as reviewer in top graphics and vision conferences (ACM SIGGRAPH, ICCV, BMVC) and journals (Elsevier Neural Networks). To know more about me, please read my LinkedIn Bio or Curriculum Vitae.